About Us

Increasing the value of harvested seafood

As part of the EFH group of companies, Xyrex Ltd manufactures a range of leading edge products for the fishing, seafood processing and aquaculture industries.

Our product range is specially designed to slow down bacterial spoilage in finfish and melanotic blackening in crustaceans, ensuring seafood that is fresher and has a longer shelf life.

Fully approved by a number of leading regulatory authorities, our products can significantly increase the value of harvested fish and shellfish.

Cyrus Energy – our sister company…

Our sister company Cyrus Energy is focused on delivering innovative products and solutions for maximising the performance and efficiency of fuel oil and dealing with the problems associated with fuel oil contamination. Cyrus Energy’s range of products cover every industry that utilise fuel oil as their energy source: marine, agriculture, defense, construction, transportation and power generation. To find out more about Cyrus Energy click here.