Fresher, longer lasting prawns

Prawnfresh is a safe and easy-to-use non-residual product that controls the onset of melanosis in wild-caught and farmed prawns. This results in prawns that have a much longer shelf life, which in turn increases their market value.

Prawnfresh is much safer to use and more effective than sodium metabisulphite, which only masks the melanosis – in effect bleaching it out. Sodium metabisulphite does not deal with other issues related to the degradation of shellfish, resulting in prawns that are often of poor quality and suffer from malodours and short shelf life. Sodium metabisulphite is corrosive and can cause serious and expensive damage to plant and equipment in processing factories. There is well-documented evidence that the uncontrolled use of sodium metabisulphite can also affect the health of processing operatives.

Prawnfresh solves all these problems. The active ingredient in Prawnfresh is safe to use and leaves no chemical residues or taints. It works by inhibiting the enzyme present in the prawn that results in melanotic blackening. Prawnfresh produces a much more natural looking prawn in terms of coloration. It extends the shelf life much longer compared with sodium metabisulphite treated prawns. It also results in a better tasting product.

An independent study on the various alternative treatments to sodium metabisulphite found that Prawnfresh delivered the best results*. As well as being safe and effective, it is simple to use and is applied in a dip.

Prawnfresh is approved for use by the EU (EC 2006/52) and in the Nordic Economic zone.

Click here for further information on other international regulatory approvals.

Time-lapse video showing Un-treated Prawns vs Prawns Dipped with PrawnFresh

This video shows the impact on freshness of un-treated prawns vs prawns treated with PrawnFresh.