Testimonials & Endorsements

Some feedback from our customers…

We use Prawnfresh on our raw prawns and we are very impressed by the shelf life it gives them. Prawnfresh is simple to apply, safe to use and helps make Gold Coast Tiger Prawns a high quality product.

Shrimp Farm/Processor Owner, Australia

Prawnfresh+ substantially improves the appearance of fresh shell-on shrimp without any of the downside effects commonly found with Metabisulphite.

I predict Prawnfresh+ will become a game changer for the domestic, Gulf Shrimp industry. It dramatically reduces black spot, improves the appearance and extends retail shelf life for fresh, shell-on shrimp up to 7 days when the shrimp is properly refrigerated.

Fishermen fish for dollars, not shrimp, and Prawnfresh Plus offers real saving for boat captains..

US Seafood Processor

We are really pleased with the performance of Prawnfresh Plus, which gives better results than other treatments we have previously used, it enables the prawns to hold their natural colour for longer. Our processing operatives and fishing crews also like the product because it is safe to use compared with traditional treatments”.

Fishing Fleet, Ireland

We are continuously looking at new ways to improve the quality of our product.  When we came across Prawnfresh Plus for the first time, we were truly impressed at the results found.

We have done various trials and have really found Prawnfresh Plus to add value to some of our prawn (Penaeus vannamei) products. We are currently processing cooked and raw prawn and have done trials on both. 

We found that the Prawnfresh increased the shelf life of the raw prawns (which we soak and pack raw for the retailer) by about 30%. Upon cooking the product, we also noticed that the tails have not turned black due to oxidation (Melanosis). We are currently using Prawnfresh Plus for this product.

Processor, South Africa

All our employees used to have general breathing problems including irritated eyes and nose.This is no longer an issue after changing to PrawnFresh™. Tests have shown that prawns treated with PrawnFresh™ stays nicer in colour, texture and odour, longer than raw material treated with sodium metabisulphite. We also feel PrawnFresh™ is a healthier additive for the consumer.

Processor, Denmark

PrawnFresh™ allows the sweet natural flavour of our Prawns to come through. The environmental approach of Xyrex® and the natural ingredients in PrawnFresh™ is a perfect fit with our chemical free natural prawns grown in the pristine waters of Australia. It also ensures that we avoid sulphur allergy issues in our customers and processing staff. It means we can offer our customers a product which is safer, healthier and more natural. It also overcomes the problem we find with metabisulphite, which results in erosion of the shell.

Shrimp Farm/Processor, Australia

We switched to Prawnfresh so as to ensure that our valued employees are able to work in a comfortable and safe environment, without encountering any breathing difficulties. We have also found that this alternative treatment gives a better result to the end product in terms of appearance and quality compared with sodium metabisulphite.

Processor, Scotland

Prawnfresh has already been used with great success by Scottish skippers and processors and we are now seeing an upswing in interest in the treatment throughout Ireland especially as demand grows across Europe for a sulphite free product.

Irish Prawnfresh distributor

I considered other products including Meta but when I landed my catch after using Prawnfresh, the comments from buyers about their quality and appearance made all the difference to me and was reflected both in the price and virtually zero rejects

Skipper, Scotland

I decided to try Prawnfresh instead of continuing with metabisulphite in early 2010. The difference in quality is really there to be seen. It’s chalk and cheese. Every one of the three buyers I supply has said they are over the moon with the quality of my prawns and Prawnfresh is far safer and easier to use too.

Skipper, Ireland