Xyrex Products

Xyrex® has developed an extensive range of products designed for use in wash water, process water and in ice on all types of fishing boats and processors to enhance catch values and increase in shelf life.

Xyrex Prawnfresh

To prevent melanosis (black spot) control bacteria and eliminate the need for sodium metabisulphite in the prawn industry safely and naturally. Uses: prawn boats, prawn farms and prawn processors.*

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Xyrex Ice-Active

For controlling bacteria during storage in ice. Uses: at all times when using ice.*

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Xyrex P3-Plus

Controls bacteria and prevents the increase of TVN in RSW systems, storage tanks and during pelagic processing.* Uses: in RSW systems and pelagic processing plants.

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Xyrex U500

For eliminating spoilage bacteria in all fish and wash water.* Uses: onboard white fish boats, fish processors, aquaculture.

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Xyrex Xyresan

The best cleaning, deodourising bacterial cleaner available today. Uses: anywhere and everywhere onboard boats including bilges, tanks, decks fish rooms, galleys and engine rooms as well as everywhere in the processing industry.

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