Xyrex© – P3 Plus™ Bacterial Tank Cleaner

Xyrex© P3 Plus™ is a game-changer for pelagic fishing vessels, especially when it comes to mackerel and herring. Here’s the deal: our product supercharges the Refrigerated Seawater Tanks on board these vessels. How? By significantly reducing those pesky spoilage bacteria that tend to degrade fish quality. The result? You’re landing mackerel and herring that are not just better but command higher prices in the market.

Fish naturally are prone to numerous bacteria that can wreak havoc in the tight confines of your storage areas on board. Xyrex© P3 Plus™ swoops in to save the day by eliminating the bacteria, making your storage system perform at its best.

When you add Xyrex© P3 Plus™ to your RSW tanks, it goes on a bacteria-busting mission. It wipes out the bacteria present in seawater and throughout the tank system.

The bottom line? With no bacteria to spoil the fish, you get a top-quality catch that looks, smells, and tastes amazing, fetching the best prices in the market.

In a nutshell, Xyrex© P3 Plus™ is the go-to antimicrobial treatment in the market, and it comes without the hassles you might face with other products. No mixing headaches, no noxious gases, and no handling concerns. It’s time to up your game with Xyrex© P3 Plus™ – your ticket to fresher fish and better prices!

Xyrex®P3 Plus is a new advance in improving the quality of the fish supplied to the customer. Chilling or icing is the first protection against the rapid degradation of the fish, since as the temperature of the fish decreases towards 0º C, the bacterial activity decreases. Xyrex® P3 Plus works in conjunction with the refrigeration system, improving control not only of bacteria but also stopping the three major spoilage actions in fish, bacterial spoilage, enzymatic action, and chemical oxidation.

Prawnfresh Plus will become a game changer for the domestic Gulf Shrimp industry. It dramatically reduces black spot, improves the appearance and extends retail shelf life for fresh, shell on shrimp up to seven days when the shrimp is properly refrigerated. After five days on ice in a refrigerated display case, the shrimp were still shiny, clear and looked like they had just come out of the sea.

Captain of Brine Shrimp Freezer Boat, Florida

I have been using Prawnfresh for over 3 years now, since the change our Prawns have looked a lot brighter and we have seen a 7% increase in yield. Prawnfresh more than pays for itself, its user friendly and doesn't do any damage to our dipping tank. All in all its a very good product to use. Our Prawn Processor Fraserburgh Seafood have also changed to Prawnfresh.

David McRobbie Skipper, Karen Ann FR559

We switched to Prawnfresh™ so as to ensure that our valued employees are able to work in a comfortable and safe environment, without encountering any breathing difficulties. We have also found that this alternative treatment gives a better result to the end product in terms of appearance and quality compared with sodium metabisulphite.

Processor, Scotland
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