Xyrex® safe and effective seafood solutions

Xyrex® seafood solutions provide a safe and effective alternative to other inferior melanosis treatments, which often contain sodium metabisulphite, which has been proven harmful to health and can cause allergic reactions including breathing problems.

Xyrex® treatments are manufactured using organic acids, salts, and plant extracts together with inorganic stabilising buffers. The active ingredient (4-HR) is an EU approved additive (e586) and is also considered as Generally Recognised as Safe (GRAS) by US FDA and has HALAL Certification. Our products are sulphite-free, non-allergenic and use environmentally compatible food grade ingredients. They DO NOT contain resorcinol, and do not include GMO ingredients.

Our ready mixed solutions ensure effective melanosis management while still being safe for the food chain, safe for your workers and safe for your customers. With Xyrex you can guarantee a safer, superior product with a longer shelf-life, ultimately increasing your catch value and providing high-quality end produce for your customers.

  • Sulphite
  • Non
  • Regulator
  • Non
  • No
  • Environment

Xyrex® treatments have HALAL Certification.

Why choose Xyrex over sulphite treatments?

Xyrex treatments are sulphite-free and provide a safe and effective alternative to products containing sodium-metabisulphite. There is well documented evidence that sulphites are a causative agent of allergic reactions and a danger to health, particularly in people with certain health conditions such as asthma.

Some of the dangers of using sulphite-based treatments are:

  • They are corrosive when mixed
  • They emit toxic SO2 gas that can damage operator’s health
  • They are hazardous in confined spaces
  • They cause allergic reactions
  • They irritate if sensitive to sulphite or asthmatic
  • They lead to extensive damage to vessels and processing equipment
  • They provide mixed results and accounts for high rejection rates

Choose Xyrex sulphite-free products for safe, efficient, and effective treatment of melanosis in all your seafood.

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4-HR, NOT Resorcinol

4-HR and Resorcinol are different chemical compounds with distinct properties and uses:

  1. Chemical Structure: The primary difference lies in their chemical structure. Resorcinol is a simple organic compound with the chemical formula C6H4(OH)2. It consists of a benzene ring with two hydroxyl (OH) groups attached to it. In contrast, 4-HR, also known as 4-hexyl-1,3-benzenediol, has a similar benzene ring but with an additional hexyl group (a 6-carbon chain) attached to one of the carbon atoms, resulting in the chemical formula C12H18O2.
  2. Food Additive: 4-HR is specifically used as a food additive, primarily in the seafood industry, but also in other products such as throat lozenges and makeup. It helps maintain the organoleptic properties of various species of crustaceans at harvest and during processing.

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